Art Exhibit

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The piece of art that I choose for this project was Pick an Apple, Any Apple by Jay Blackstand. It was a very interesting piece because it was separated into 3 panels that composed the painting as a whole. In the fist panel it had a horse coming out of what appeared to be a motorcycle. This i though could be a play on horse power or something along that line. The second panel had a woman’s leg on a table. This panel had me confused because it had just a woman’s leg on it. The final panel had a box or a crate with a bunch of fish in it. It also had an outline of a man who was filled with pictures of older Asian like drawings. I though that this might be symbolizing the mixing of cultures and how they are connected together by a common thing like fish.

Jay Blackstand has been painting for over 50 years, his paintings are supposed to be narratives. He likes mixing the old with the new to show the contrast between them. He uses things like the panels in the painting that I viewed to have the viewer move in and out between the panels. He likes to use geometric shapes such as dots and grids to help the flow of his paintings. He also chooses to use sharp and saturated colors. Now that I know this about Jay Blackstand I can kind of understand his painting better the horse was there to contrast the old way of travel with the new. The leg on the table was dressed up with a modern flare in contrast to the pictures of a traditionally clad Asian person. I defiantly see more of a tale or message now that I understand what he does as an artist.


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Video Games

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What I think of this article is trying to tell people is that video game has a culture that is unique to itself. By that I mean that you can group people into a lifestyle then there is a certain culture to it. I think that if you can say that video games have a lifestyle you can say that video games is an art form. Yet by saying video games is an art form you come to a problem with having lives revolve around something like that. To say that video games are a central part of a person’s life is something that I feel is a little overboard. My personal opinion is that you need to base your lifestyle off of something else. I understand that people do enjoy video games but life need to be lived not just solely based upon a video game.

Supina, David. (2005, September 18). The True Gaming Lifestyle


This article focus on what applications you could use video games for. Not just as a medium for violence that people play. This article explore all the applications that video games are used for. People just get so wrapped up on the violence in games and dont see what potential that this medium has. People tend to over look how we can utilize video games to teach and to tell stories. For example you can use video games as a great canvas to tell stories because you can interact with the story and make decisions. As for a way to teach you can make it so that not only you teach kids something but you make it something enjoyable to do. Video games are pushing what we can use as a tool to teach and as a way to convey stories.

Squire, K. (2002, July). Cultural framing of computer/video games. Retrieved from


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How do you define Spirituality?

To me spirituality is something is understanding that there is more to life then just what you can perceive with your five sense, that there is something else in the mix. Life is to vast and grand for it to be easily defined like we try to do, we can say we understand what composes life but there has to be something more. spirituality is believing in that.

Does spirituality differ from religion?

I feel that the difference between spirituality and religion is that religion is saying what happens, trying to define what spirituality is. I feel spirituality is much more of a recognition of something greater than what we can perceive. I think that religion takes this one step further and tries to say how that something greater acts and what it’s intentions are. For example I can say that I believe that there is a power at work that I can’t understand, and that makes me spiritual. If I say that God is guiding me to live a life in heaven then that is religion. Now I’m not saying that one is better than the other but I’m saying there is a difference.

How do you define creativity?

To me creativity is something that has to be broadly defined, this is because it is such a broad subject. Creativity is a person ability to make something that is unique to themselves. It is something that grows from one thing and becomes something else. This is something that anyone can do, being creative, and all it takes is something that inspires that idea to make something your own.

What is the source of creativity?

I feel that creativity is a reflection of that artists soul. By this I mean that what you create as an artist is a relection of your soul and what you hold important. For example say something you see in your life sparks and idea, that idea is going to grow and become your own because you put your own spin on it. Your source of creativity is yourself, your experience, and your opinion on life.

Why We Enjoy Horror Movies

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Sine, Richard (2007). ‘Why We Love Scary Movies’ retrieved November 8, 2009 from

This article was talking about our fascination with horror movies and what might be the cause of this fascination. The cause that they laid out were interesting. They said that there are several reason why this genre is so popular. For one they said that it could be considered a pseudo right of passage for young male teenagers. That it is a substitute for the primeval right of passages that we went through when thousands of years of ago. The reason that they say this is because when they asked young males about the movies they liked the best they choose the movies that frightened them the most, the scarier the movie the more they liked it. Some of the other reason were because adults frown upon the genre so much and because after we watch the movie we feel like that we have actually experienced it.

What I found interesting about this article was the fact that Carroll brings up, “there appears to be something paradoxical about the horror genre. It obviously attracts consumers; but it seems to do so by means of expressively repulsive.” This is an interesting point that is hard to figure out. When people go to horror movies they scream and cringe yet they keep on coming back for more. It seems oxymoronic for something like that to happen but still it is a thriving movie industry with a solid follow. I think that the above mentioned ideas might be a factor in the reasoning for why we keep on coming back, but i think that the other reason may be that we just like experiencing the unknown.

Vieru, Tudor (2009). ‘Why People Love Horror Movies.’ retrieved November 8, 2009 from

This article also explore why we actually go to see horror movies. We find the repulsive we find the frightening and yet we go and watch them. This article seems to think that the main motivation to go though is for the entrainment value rather than the actual horror part. This article points to why people would go to a horror movie more than once, if you go back again you have to be going for the entertainment part of it rather than the horror part. Also the article talks about  how you can choose how much effect the movie can have on you because you choose to pay attention to as much or as little of the movie as you want.

I feel like Carroll makes an interesting point when she says, “it’s not the tragic event in itself that imparts pleasure, but rather the way that it is worked into the plot.” I find this interesting because it gives more backing to the ideas that were put forth in the article. The idea that we like horror movies as a from of entertainment but not as a way of getting scared. That yes we know that being scared is a part of the movie but we want to go in order to be entertained but the way this horror fits into the movie. Now this is a morbid view of why we watch horror movies but at the same time it has some valid parts to it. Horror movies are a genre that is hard to figure out what the draw is for us, but one thing is certain that we like these movies and we will continue to watch them.

My Closet

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The way I dress I usually based off of the weather or how I feel that day. On a day during the winter I would normally wear jeans and a t-shirt. Then I either wear a rain jacket or a sweatshirt.  If it were a nicer day I would just wear gym shorts and a t-shirt or maybe a basketball jersey. I usually go for comfort over the style or how I look. My closet is basically full of just t-shirt and sweatshirts. If I know that I am just staying in and not going out I like wearing just plain white t-shirts and gym shorts.  I also have a lot of University of Oregon stuff. I think that my wardrobe shows how I prefer to live comfortably and not focus on my looks. My wardrobe has defiantly changed over the years. I feel that although I do not try to follow the in style religiously I, like everyone, has changed as style of the whole has changed.
I feel that the values that my parents have given me are somewhat reflected in the way that I dress, and the cloths that I wear. They have always allowed me to dress as I saw fit, as long as it was decent to wear in public. Yet my parents have always dress professional for work and comfortable for home. I feel like this has been passed on to me, for in the situations that require it I do wear the appropriate dress cloths. I do have several dress shirts in my closet, as well as a suite and several pairs of dress pants. I feel that the essence of the way I dress is comfort unless the situation calls for dress cloths.
I feel that my generation, group of peers, dress more to what they feel then did the generations of the past. We seem to have much more individuality when it comes to the way that we dress and how we use cloths as a medium to express ourselves. I mean of course there are a large majority that fall under the standers style of our generation, myself included. Yet I also feel that there are a lot more people who express themselves more though cloths. So what does this say about my generation, I think it is this that we dress the way we feel yet we want to use cloths to express ourselves?

Food as Art

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Blake, JoAnn. (2009, October). Global warming labels put on food product [On-Line Newspaper]. retrieved October 25th, 2009 from

This article was about how Sweden is entertaining the idea of making labels on their food to show the carbon emissions for that food. These labels would show how some foods take more energy or resources. This idea is even being embraced by one of Sweden large burger chains, Max, who will put labels on next to the items on the menu with the calculated carbon emissions that it takes to make that item. This move is attributed to a 2005 study that the Swedish government did that found that 25 percent of all emission for the country came from food.

The reason that I found this article so interesting was the fact that it shows how fast food, or food in general, can not only affect our health but also our enviroment. It is interesting to think that 25 percent of the carbon emission that one country create’s can be attributed to food. We have been reading and learning about the idea of the slow food movement which highlights the idea of more natural and sustainable food. I think that this helps make that argument stronger because it shows that fast food has an adverse effect on the enviroment also.

Another interesting thing in this article was how the one burger restaurant was so willing to post this information on their menu. I feel that this information might make some people second guess what they are ordering. Yet I feel like in the long run this is a good move it will make people even mor conscious about the choices that they make and it will also force these chains to change their menu for healthier and more sustainable foods.

Barthelemy, Claire (2009, October) ‘Bad taste’ cries as McDonald’s moves into ‘Mona Lisa’ museum [On-Line Newspaper]. retrieved October 25th, 2009 from

This article was about how McDonald’s is moving into the Louvre, or the mall directly in front of the Louvre, and the reaction of people. The article outlines how within the next year the Louvre will have the golden arches gracing the entrance to the famous museum. People have expressed their aversion to this idea because they feel that food like that shouldn’t be in the same building as the Mona Lisa. While many people have expressed disdain it seems as though plans will now change. A spokeswomen says that this McDonald’s will be like every other one in France.

I feel like this article covers a lot of what we have been learning about this week. For starters it has the whole fast food aspect to it. Also it has the whole aspect of food as art. The idea that something like McDonald’s being associated with the renowned Louvre is something that is hard to swallow for most people who love art. But this also illustrates that food is considered art by many people, If there is a wrong type of food for such a museum then there has to be a right type of food for it.

I feel like this illustrates how food is an art to most people. That people understand fast food is something that is convent but it is also something to be wary of. People get upset about something like this because like everything there is a time and a place and fast food should not be where art is. You need something that reflects the passion and drive that these famous artist put into their work. You need a chef that can reflects the passion in the food that he crafts