Food as Art

Blake, JoAnn. (2009, October). Global warming labels put on food product [On-Line Newspaper]. retrieved October 25th, 2009 from

This article was about how Sweden is entertaining the idea of making labels on their food to show the carbon emissions for that food. These labels would show how some foods take more energy or resources. This idea is even being embraced by one of Sweden large burger chains, Max, who will put labels on next to the items on the menu with the calculated carbon emissions that it takes to make that item. This move is attributed to a 2005 study that the Swedish government did that found that 25 percent of all emission for the country came from food.

The reason that I found this article so interesting was the fact that it shows how fast food, or food in general, can not only affect our health but also our enviroment. It is interesting to think that 25 percent of the carbon emission that one country create’s can be attributed to food. We have been reading and learning about the idea of the slow food movement which highlights the idea of more natural and sustainable food. I think that this helps make that argument stronger because it shows that fast food has an adverse effect on the enviroment also.

Another interesting thing in this article was how the one burger restaurant was so willing to post this information on their menu. I feel that this information might make some people second guess what they are ordering. Yet I feel like in the long run this is a good move it will make people even mor conscious about the choices that they make and it will also force these chains to change their menu for healthier and more sustainable foods.

Barthelemy, Claire (2009, October) ‘Bad taste’ cries as McDonald’s moves into ‘Mona Lisa’ museum [On-Line Newspaper]. retrieved October 25th, 2009 from

This article was about how McDonald’s is moving into the Louvre, or the mall directly in front of the Louvre, and the reaction of people. The article outlines how within the next year the Louvre will have the golden arches gracing the entrance to the famous museum. People have expressed their aversion to this idea because they feel that food like that shouldn’t be in the same building as the Mona Lisa. While many people have expressed disdain it seems as though plans will now change. A spokeswomen says that this McDonald’s will be like every other one in France.

I feel like this article covers a lot of what we have been learning about this week. For starters it has the whole fast food aspect to it. Also it has the whole aspect of food as art. The idea that something like McDonald’s being associated with the renowned Louvre is something that is hard to swallow for most people who love art. But this also illustrates that food is considered art by many people, If there is a wrong type of food for such a museum then there has to be a right type of food for it.

I feel like this illustrates how food is an art to most people. That people understand fast food is something that is convent but it is also something to be wary of. People get upset about something like this because like everything there is a time and a place and fast food should not be where art is. You need something that reflects the passion and drive that these famous artist put into their work. You need a chef that can reflects the passion in the food that he crafts


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