My Closet

The way I dress I usually based off of the weather or how I feel that day. On a day during the winter I would normally wear jeans and a t-shirt. Then I either wear a rain jacket or a sweatshirt.  If it were a nicer day I would just wear gym shorts and a t-shirt or maybe a basketball jersey. I usually go for comfort over the style or how I look. My closet is basically full of just t-shirt and sweatshirts. If I know that I am just staying in and not going out I like wearing just plain white t-shirts and gym shorts.  I also have a lot of University of Oregon stuff. I think that my wardrobe shows how I prefer to live comfortably and not focus on my looks. My wardrobe has defiantly changed over the years. I feel that although I do not try to follow the in style religiously I, like everyone, has changed as style of the whole has changed.
I feel that the values that my parents have given me are somewhat reflected in the way that I dress, and the cloths that I wear. They have always allowed me to dress as I saw fit, as long as it was decent to wear in public. Yet my parents have always dress professional for work and comfortable for home. I feel like this has been passed on to me, for in the situations that require it I do wear the appropriate dress cloths. I do have several dress shirts in my closet, as well as a suite and several pairs of dress pants. I feel that the essence of the way I dress is comfort unless the situation calls for dress cloths.
I feel that my generation, group of peers, dress more to what they feel then did the generations of the past. We seem to have much more individuality when it comes to the way that we dress and how we use cloths as a medium to express ourselves. I mean of course there are a large majority that fall under the standers style of our generation, myself included. Yet I also feel that there are a lot more people who express themselves more though cloths. So what does this say about my generation, I think it is this that we dress the way we feel yet we want to use cloths to express ourselves?


~ by birnbaum54 on October 30, 2009.

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