Why We Enjoy Horror Movies

Sine, Richard (2007). ‘Why We Love Scary Movies’ retrieved November 8, 2009 from http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/features/why-we-love-scary-movies

This article was talking about our fascination with horror movies and what might be the cause of this fascination. The cause that they laid out were interesting. They said that there are several reason why this genre is so popular. For one they said that it could be considered a pseudo right of passage for young male teenagers. That it is a substitute for the primeval right of passages that we went through when thousands of years of ago. The reason that they say this is because when they asked young males about the movies they liked the best they choose the movies that frightened them the most, the scarier the movie the more they liked it. Some of the other reason were because adults frown upon the genre so much and because after we watch the movie we feel like that we have actually experienced it.

What I found interesting about this article was the fact that Carroll brings up, “there appears to be something paradoxical about the horror genre. It obviously attracts consumers; but it seems to do so by means of expressively repulsive.” This is an interesting point that is hard to figure out. When people go to horror movies they scream and cringe yet they keep on coming back for more. It seems oxymoronic for something like that to happen but still it is a thriving movie industry with a solid follow. I think that the above mentioned ideas might be a factor in the reasoning for why we keep on coming back, but i think that the other reason may be that we just like experiencing the unknown.

Vieru, Tudor (2009). ‘Why People Love Horror Movies.’ retrieved November 8, 2009 from http://news.softpedia.com/news/Why-People-Love-Horror-Movies-126385.shtml.

This article also explore why we actually go to see horror movies. We find the repulsive we find the frightening and yet we go and watch them. This article seems to think that the main motivation to go though is for the entrainment value rather than the actual horror part. This article points to why people would go to a horror movie more than once, if you go back again you have to be going for the entertainment part of it rather than the horror part. Also the article talks about  how you can choose how much effect the movie can have on you because you choose to pay attention to as much or as little of the movie as you want.

I feel like Carroll makes an interesting point when she says, “it’s not the tragic event in itself that imparts pleasure, but rather the way that it is worked into the plot.” I find this interesting because it gives more backing to the ideas that were put forth in the article. The idea that we like horror movies as a from of entertainment but not as a way of getting scared. That yes we know that being scared is a part of the movie but we want to go in order to be entertained but the way this horror fits into the movie. Now this is a morbid view of why we watch horror movies but at the same time it has some valid parts to it. Horror movies are a genre that is hard to figure out what the draw is for us, but one thing is certain that we like these movies and we will continue to watch them.


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