How do you define Spirituality?

To me spirituality is something is understanding that there is more to life then just what you can perceive with your five sense, that there is something else in the mix. Life is to vast and grand for it to be easily defined like we try to do, we can say we understand what composes life but there has to be something more. spirituality is believing in that.

Does spirituality differ from religion?

I feel that the difference between spirituality and religion is that religion is saying what happens, trying to define what spirituality is. I feel spirituality is much more of a recognition of something greater than what we can perceive. I think that religion takes this one step further and tries to say how that something greater acts and what it’s intentions are. For example I can say that I believe that there is a power at work that I can’t understand, and that makes me spiritual. If I say that God is guiding me to live a life in heaven then that is religion. Now I’m not saying that one is better than the other but I’m saying there is a difference.

How do you define creativity?

To me creativity is something that has to be broadly defined, this is because it is such a broad subject. Creativity is a person ability to make something that is unique to themselves. It is something that grows from one thing and becomes something else. This is something that anyone can do, being creative, and all it takes is something that inspires that idea to make something your own.

What is the source of creativity?

I feel that creativity is a reflection of that artists soul. By this I mean that what you create as an artist is a relection of your soul and what you hold important. For example say something you see in your life sparks and idea, that idea is going to grow and become your own because you put your own spin on it. Your source of creativity is yourself, your experience, and your opinion on life.


~ by birnbaum54 on November 16, 2009.

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