Video Games

What I think of this article is trying to tell people is that video game has a culture that is unique to itself. By that I mean that you can group people into a lifestyle then there is a certain culture to it. I think that if you can say that video games have a lifestyle you can say that video games is an art form. Yet by saying video games is an art form you come to a problem with having lives revolve around something like that. To say that video games are a central part of a person’s life is something that I feel is a little overboard. My personal opinion is that you need to base your lifestyle off of something else. I understand that people do enjoy video games but life need to be lived not just solely based upon a video game.

Supina, David. (2005, September 18). The True Gaming Lifestyle


This article focus on what applications you could use video games for. Not just as a medium for violence that people play. This article explore all the applications that video games are used for. People just get so wrapped up on the violence in games and dont see what potential that this medium has. People tend to over look how we can utilize video games to teach and to tell stories. For example you can use video games as a great canvas to tell stories because you can interact with the story and make decisions. As for a way to teach you can make it so that not only you teach kids something but you make it something enjoyable to do. Video games are pushing what we can use as a tool to teach and as a way to convey stories.

Squire, K. (2002, July). Cultural framing of computer/video games. Retrieved from


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