What is Art For?

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The word paleoanthropsychobiological seems like a term out of some sort of science fiction book used to describe some machine that does something. Yet if you look at the word it is actually just a bunch of different branches of science that is wrapped into one. Dissanayake’s uses this word to describe what art encompasses that it not only is a visual art but it also expresses us as humans. Art is something that encompasses where we have been as a species and where we are going

The term “making special” refers to how art can take something that is normal and mundane and turn it into a thing that speaks to someone. We have all seen paintings of normal things, a tree in a field or a lake, but these paintings somehow invoke an emotional response. Art holds this ability to make the mundane special and to tell a story without any words.


Life Values

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Values: Family, Friendship, Loyalty,  Wisdom,  Integrity, Independence, Personal Development, Personal accomplishment, Enjoyment, Community, Creativity, Service, security, Leadership, Health, Wealth, Power, Expertness, Prestige, Location

It was a pretty average day today. I was woken up by a text message form my mom wishing me a good day (family). I went down to get some breakfast and I saw my friends/brothers that I live with (friendship).  I went to class to learn (wisdom). I generally touch upon most of my values that I have listed above. It may be in a big way or it maybe in a small way. Yet each value gets it’s opportunity to shine every once in a while.

What I realize though is that a large part of my values were shaped by my parents and the way that they raised me. They taught me that it is important to cherish your family and friends for they may be gone the next day. They taught me that a good friend is a loyal one and that your integrity is precious. Your good name is a commodity that is easy to lose but hard to gain. I feel that this lesson about integrity has gained more and more importance in my life as i have gotten older. When your young you can faine ignorance but as you get older you can’t do that. As i look forward to the future I can see some values increasing in importance (Health, Wealth, Prestige) and I can see some values loosing importance (Independence, Enjoyment, Creativity).  Right now though I feel that the values that are important to me are things that I can live up to. That there is little that I could use to excuse not living up to these values.

First Post

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This blog brings up an interesting point, for the past decade the Pac-10 has been defined by the actions of USC. Recently it has been the Trojans and everyone else, at least in the eyes of the nation. It seems that people can’t see that the Pac-10 has always been a competitive conference. Even the mighty Trojan’s don’t escape unscathed every year. Yet if the Trojans fall what will be the national perception of our conference. Will another team fill it? Both Oregon and Cal have been strong in recent years yet without USC at the front no team in the Pac-10 seems to stand out.