Artifact 1: What is Art For?


Goal: Examine multiple perspectives for evaluating art

After reading Dissanayake article I came back to a very simple question. What is art for? Is art simply for art’s sake or is there a larger social implication to it. Art I feel is something that can transcend boarders and language barriers. That art has a lager purpose that it can express emotions and feeling without words. That it can let people feel what the artist felt about a particular object or person. This is what makes art so special and so universal. It can express things without using words or talking. This is why I think art just can be for art’s sake it needs to be for the sake of society. Artists have the ability to communicate with anyone who see there work and that’s why art can’t be for art’s sake. Art needs to a universal so that everyone can feel the emotions of an artist.


As we were reading about what art was one thing stood out to me above the rest. How what we consider as art today would probably not be considered art two hundred years ago. How art is something that is always changing and ever evolving. Art has been around since before written history and it has grown from there. What were crude drawings of animals and hunting became the Mona Lisa. When you think of art your mind will probably think of something that was created in during the Renaissance. Yet in today’s day and age art is now so much more. Yet with all of the things that art is considered to be now it brings up an interesting question. How do we determine what art is and who is the one who actually decides. Now a days almost anything is considered art and I think that this is something that is both good and bad. The good is that we are more accepting of any types of art but there has to be a limit or you devalue the actual work of artists.

I feel that this unit helped me get a better understanding of what exactly art is and why it is so important. Art is something that can speak without words, an ever evolving medium that will out last it’s creators. Art is a snapshot in a point in time that give people who lived many years later a look at that.



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