Artifact 3: Life Values


Goal: Explore one’s own value system
This is my  Life Values Blog
This was our first assignment that we did  and it was defiantly an eye-opening one. Before I did this assignment I didn’t really spend time thinking about what where my life values. On top of that I never really though about what helped shaped my values. This assignment helped me to discover what I value in my life and how those values were formed. I found out that values are something that you gain form your friends and family. Yes they ultimately come down to your own decisions but the people who you surround yourself with are a big part of where they come from. For me i found that quite a few of my values came from my parents and what they tried to teach me when I was younger.
What I will take away from this is what shapes us as people. The things that make us up are little everyday things that just slowly become a part of who we are. I mean I always knew that we had lessons form the past that taught us things but until now I never realized how the little things play a large part of who we are.


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