Artifact 5: Finding a Blog


Goal: Understanding new forms of media provided by the Internet.

First Post


While this post is not that impressive of a post it did teach me something. This was our first assignment for this class and it was somewhat of a surprise for me. It wasnt what the post actually said but it was the fact that there where so many different types of blogs out there. I havent been living in a cave I know blogging in a big thing but I just didnt know that it was this big. I mean I found blogs on things from how to put stuff together, to sports, to politics and on life. I was just simply amazed. So what this post really did for me was to open up the world of blogs and how much information that they can hold. The blog that I choose was one having to do with USC football that I found on, but even just on ESPN there are hundreds of blog post each day which is just amazing to me.

This taught me the amount of information that is on internet and how easy it is to get this information.



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