Artifact 2: Food As Art


Goal: Consider cultural differences in the production and consumption food.

American are obsessed with time, we live our lives as a constant race to get things done. For our country it seems like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. So when we are hungry what do we turn to, we turn to fast food. Its quick it taste good, or at least its palatable, and then we move on with our lives. Yet by doing this we waste the true value of food, its something to savor, the crafted aromas the savory taste. We make food just a throw away thing something like breathing. We need to go back to when a meal was a place to gather and enjoy. Not only the food but also the company of the people who you share it with.


What I got form this topic was just a clearer picture on what our society values. How we as a society value time over quality. When we talk about how there is an epidemic of people eating way to much fast food or processed food, it is due to two things. The convenience of it and the price. These are the things that we value in today’s society which is why the “slow food” movement is something that will take time to grab hold. While food that is lovingly prepared with ingredients that are hand-picked sounds like a good idea, it is hard to make it practical. The time that is needed to make the food and to get the ingredients requires time that people in today’s society feel like they don’t have.

The thing that I will take out of this unit was how culture’s view food in such different ways. We as American’s see food as something that is quick and convenient, yet other culture’s view food as a work of art. That a chef uses spices and aromas as his paint and brush. That food can be something that is beautiful and delicious.



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